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Our Blog

We blog because we care! Just kidding! But seriously, we do care and that is why we blog. We blog to share ideas and resources that we think you will find helpful and inspiring! We love sharing what has worked for us and others in the hopes that together we can find more sustainable teaching practices that help teachers and students!


Our Resources

We love creating resources for teachers to use with their students! Our resources range from short Informational Texts to help students strengthen their non-fiction reading comprehension to Math Warm Ups which are great for providing students with a quick daily math review to Mindful Thoughts Journals that help students develop a growth mindset while journaling on social emotional learning topics like self-control and respect.


our mission

We are a mother-daughter team devoted to sustainable teaching through organization, technology & ideas to help teachers in & out of the classroom!


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Check out our every growing list of incredible free resources for you to use with your students! Many of the resources that we sell have free options available for you to try. Click the button below to check them out!


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