30 Mailbox Organization for the Classroom Teacher

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Lost that one and only copy of the science test? Hmmm… AND you need it with three more things ready to discuss at the team meeting? Been there. Fingers crossed – with the 43 Folder System it won’t happen again. The 43 Folder System is pretty popular but new to us this year.

Home sick with a pounding headache, emailed sub plans… whew! Done… but wait! How do you explain to your sub exactly where the 24 copies of the science test are? Bam! The headache just grew. Note to self – find a better way!
Got it! Mailbox organizer for teachers. Not a new idea but a way of organizing stuff that may be different and cut down on the time you spend finding what you need. We’ve adapted it for the classroom teacher who needs to store, not just one but dozens of copies of multiple sheets. It’s not quite the same system but we’ve taken the basic idea and tweaked it to work with what we have.

I’m lucky to have a mailbox that’s 3 slots wide by 10 high. This is what I’ve done to organize it and cut down the number of freak-out moments finding copies. Really, how is it possible to lose 24 of something?! Not sure, but not a worry when all papers are organized for the next 4 weeks. Here’s how it looks:

Because my mailbox is 3 columns wide and 10 rows high, it makes sense to dedicate a space for each day of weeks 1 & 2 in the first column. The second column is the same thing for weeks 3 & 4. That leaves the third column for all those crazy extras like extra homework logs (because my kids are constantly losing them), extra copies of papers that have been passed out and a spot for copies that haven’t been assigned to a day yet.

By now, I know the system but I’ve labeled each section on the bottom and also on the side so that it’s easy for a sub or someone from my team to find stuff. Check out the labels – tada!

Have a system that works well for you? Share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!
Organization?! – You’ve got this!


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