Apple Watch: 5 reasons why every teacher needs one!

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Apple Watch: Phenomenally Convenient, Fantastically Functional

Let me start by saying, I hate when I start sounding like an ad! Phenomenally convenient? Fantastically Functional? Really! Yes, really! My Apple Watch is one of those little things that makes a big difference in my school day. Here’s how:

#1 – getting email, text and calendar notifications. So easy! And so much more subtle than reaching for my phone even when it’s just steps away and especially when my arms are loaded with reading workbooks, manuals… you name it! My Apple Watch gives me a couple light taps to let me know I’ve got a text or email and I can quickly and easily check it out without losing my – or my kids’ – focus. I admit it – it’s a little thing but for me, it’s one of those little things that goes a long way towards sustainability. Keeping myself connected to all parts of my life so that, at the end of the day, when the bell rings, I don’t have to play catch up!

#2 –  notes to self. Time for another admission. I’m always coming up with ideas or reminders for myself which is great but my timing often isn’t the best. With my Apple Watch, I just send myself a super fast note. Then, later, I’m not tapping on my cheek, thinking what was it that is so important?! You know the feeling!

#3 – step tracking, heart rate tracking. My life is simple (well not quite…) with one device that does so much. All those trips down the hall add up – keeping track of my steps makes me feel a little stronger.

#4 – easy to use timer. Let me count the number of times, a timer comes in handy each school day. RCBMs. Timed fact tests. Keeping track of how much time until P.E. starts or ends. Giving my wiggly kiddo a break… you name it!

#5 – so many functional extras I’m going to cram in here:
* The display is 2x brighter – a fact I love when my kiddos and I are out on the playground on a sunny day.
* Connects to my phone on a tripod to take class pictures that actually include me! Okay so this is totally random but  I know it will come in handy one day!
* Translates easily – I just record a message, hit a button to translate it and my watch speaks it back. I know my Aunt Karen would love this when some of her kindergarteners start the year knowing only Burmese, Thai, or Arabic. Could be so much more comforting to everyone than the gestures and guesses she has to make!
* Get news snippets. Mostly that’s a good thing although sometimes it feels comforting to stay in the dark about some news events just a little while longer.
* And, it’s really waterproof! Let me say that again for all of us who dream of swimming in an infinity pool but actually have at least one technical disaster story we could tell involving a toilet. Waterproof can be a lifesaver!

Long story, short – I love my Apple Watch! It’s like a mini-assistant on my arm. Do you feel the same? Or have a different tech piece that helps you keep your sanity? Please share!

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