Beginnings & Endings: a question to start each school day and a launch to end it!

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There are so many ways to start and to end each school day and we thought we’d share ours.

Each day begins with a question

We love starting each day with a question for the class. They seem to get into answering them too since there’s such a variety. Some that:

  • set the tone for learning, like, “Why is it important to do your best?”
  • focus on friendships, like, “What makes a really good friend?”
  • build self-confidence, like, “What is a unique talent you have?”
  • are just for fun, like, “If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Some of the questions we thought would be a breeze for kiddos have been stumpers. Funny thing, though, they hurry over to see what the question will be, then, some know immediately what they’d like to say whereas others seem perplexed. Marti posts the question on a paper on the board and keeps a small container with little sticky notes underneath so kids can easily jot their response and add it to the paper. So far, she’s been keeping a growing pile of each day’s mini question poster – still deciding if she’ll make them into a class book. It could be fun to read through kids’ ideas! Like when they were asked what they’d like to be when they grow up. One girl wrote that she’d like to be a nurse while a boy in the class wrote that he’d like to be his older brother! And that totally fits him! We’ve noticed our kids’ responses getting more specific and moving past “fun” and “nice” – at least on occasion. Yep, they’re still the go-to responses but overall they’re getting more creative and reflective of themselves.

There are so many ways to start and end each day and we thought we'd share ours. Each day begins with a question. Each day ends with a launch.

Each day ends with a launch

Anna’s been ending each day with a launch – a final thought that makes a positive send off to each day. Anna’s comes from Aibileen, a wise woman, in The Help: “We are smart. We are kind. We are important.” It’s a close version to what Aibileen knew Mae Mobley needed to hear. Again and again! Us too!

What ideas do you have for ways to start and to end each school day? Please share your ideas. Together, we can do this!

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