Spring clean the classroom library


Are the books in your classroom library sitting hodge-podge, willy-nilly, in absolutely random order? Stop! Don't even think of straightening. Let your students take on the task of reorganizing the classroom library. They can take leopards out of the history bin and put them where they belong with the animals because, thankfully, they are still around. It's time to spring clean the classroom library. Yes, all those hastily, shelved books need to be straightened and set back with their kind.

It's a Do-Over!

Yup, you had the kids shelve the books at the beginning of the school year but, face it, things are looking raggedy. Good thing - that means it's well used. Easy fix - means it's time to tidy up and the kids can take charge!

Get the kids to clean the classroom library

  • Friday afternoon

    The perfect time to put heavy-duty academics on pause and spring clean. Especially in the middle of testing season, taking on a physical task can give everyone a welcome break. Plus, it makes for a fresh start on Monday. Umm! Organization!

  • Ownership

    We've all heard it before. Many times. So it's got to be true. When kids do the work organizing and cleaning, they become zealous protectors of their efforts. Protecting with vigilance and energy that lets teachers focus their energies on... so many other things!

  • It's not you doing the work!

    Yahoo! In this case delegating the task is a win-win for everyone. The kids get to work together on what is essentially a community project. You get out of the task - face it, cleaning the classroom at 3:00ish on a Friday is not a good idea!

Setting aside a time to tidy helps everyone take care of and have pride in their space. We think Marie Kondo has it right when she says "tidying orders the mind".Got tips for tidying? Please share. Together, we can do this!