End of Year Evaluation - Use Google Docs


You do so many things each school year - plan, organize, implement, reflect (!?) When it's time to fill out your end of year evaluation, be sure to capture it all, without starting from scratch. Use Google Docs to organize and adjust your notes.

Use Google Docs to organize and adjust your end of year evaluation

  • Keep it simple

    So many of the things you do are repeats. They've become part of your teaching practice. Be sure to highlight them. Then, when you've saved a copy of your evaluation in your Google Drive, those best practices are already part of next year's form.

  • Look back at the beginning of the year

    When you're back after a long, luxurious summer break.... (off topic!) and you're ready to make your official goals for the new year, check last year's end of year evaluation. The one you saved on Google Drive. You'll be able to quickly scan and see goal areas you might focus on in order to move over categories when it comes to the end of year eval.

  • Naming it so you can find it is key

    Think about what you're likely to search for next year when, surprise, surprise, you have 50 more things to do. The name you decide on may be long - try this one on for size. Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi. No matter which of those names you include when you search, this file will appear. Obviously, you won't be naming your eval after Princess Mia but you get the idea, right?!? Totally different focus, but a similarly long name.

No more searching for that file folder. Find it on Google Drive. Got other tips to share when faced with those annual chores that always seem to come at the craziest moments? We'd love to hear them! Keep calm and reflect on. Together, we can do this!