Getting On With Phrasal Verbs

Go out, go by, and go with?

Go on!

Phrasal verbs can tangle English learners or literal thinkers up! They just don’t mean exactly what they say. Just like taking a “one a day” multivitamin, teaching and playing around with one phrasal verb a day can untangle the confusion. Check out these resources to help:

  • has a quickly referenced dictionary of phrasal verbs as well as verb quizzes students can complete online. Quizzes on 161 common verbs are ready to go!

  • Go on! Give it a go! Print a wordless comic strip and work together as a group, adding sticky notes with phrasal verbs. Working together takes pressure off hesitant students, gives lots of modeling and practice and is fun! Check out “Owly” comics on:

  • Tic-tac-toe: Have students work in pairs, fill in their own tic-tac-toe grid with nine uses of a verbal phrase (go on, go with, go over...) Then they play tic-tac-toe with the addition of acting out or using the verbal phrase in a sentence before they can X or O that square.

  • gives students eight verbal phrases they are likely to hear everyday and a short quiz with drop down answers to give them a chance to sort out the meanings.

  • To really cover phrasal verbs check out “Really learn 100 phrasal verbs” by Oxford University Press at