Google Keep: Great for taking student notes


Everything you need in one place? Too good to be true? Nah! It's Google Keep and a great way to organize all that info so it's ready when you need it. Ready for parent-teacher conferences. Check! Ready for report card comments. Check again! You can keep students' MAP or other assessment scores and academic or behavioral notes in Google Keep. Then, whether you need to refer to info for a team meeting or before contacting a parent, it's easily accessible. Create a label called students to collect all your student cards.

Quick trick though: think backward when you organize it. Work through your class list backward, making a note for your student furthest in the alphabet then working your way through the alphabet backward. With Google Keep, notes are organized with the newest ones on top. When you’re done making a card for each student, they'll all be in alpha order. Tada!

Once you get started, you may find all kinds of uses for Google Keep. Here are a few of our faves:

Organize guided reading groups. Be sure to add labels for guided reading. Then, keep all your guided reading notes and info in one spot.

Organize progress monitoring.  Use different colored cards to tell you how often kids need to be progress monitored.

Take notes in meetings. Add labels for each type of meeting - staff meetings, team meetings ... that way, you can find them quickly and you'll have all your stuff organized even when a meeting is called at the last minute. And they'll be easily searchable so you'll have answers at your fingertips... fast! Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

One more handy tip - color code your labels so you can easily find your data and keep those extra minutes for you!

If you have more tips for organizing student info, please share! We'd love to hear from you!