Here There Everywhere - News for Kids Makes Great Nonfiction Reading


Reading news makes for a great nonfiction read! It's real stories about real people in real time. Here There Everywhere (HTE) is a great source of news for kids. 

What makes HTE a source of news for kids that you can count on?

HTE presents news aimed at students in elementary and older grades. Claudia David Heitler created the site to help kids learn about people and events shaping the world and to see their own connection to it. Her experience at NBC Network News’ Today show, then reading and sharing the news with her own kids, evolved into HTE as it is today. She describes news as a kind of storytelling. The kids in Marti's classroom would tell you there are some pretty amazing stories out there! This is a great source for many of them.

Ways to use HTE in your classroom as a source of news for kids

  • As self-selected nonfiction reading

    We love that HTE is a site with content we can trust. That's great because it allows us to let kids explore independently and decide what they'd like to read and learn more about.

  • As a mentor text for a nonfiction read aloud or mini-lesson

    Marti's kids were a combination of intrigued and horrified to read that spiders make up the group eating the largest amount on the planet. This article provided a great format for using the reading strategies of asking questions and tracking their thinking as we read the article. Kids were totally into paired discussions and had plenty to share with the class. It was an enthralling read aloud - kind of like a train wreck you just can't look away from but very motivating to discuss. It was also great for giving practice using context clues to determine the meanings of words.

 HTE has news for everyone - some serious, some funny, some just bizarre - pretty much reflects our world. We'll keep coming back to see what we can discover next. Got sources of news that work well for the kids in your class? If so, please share! Together, we can do this!