Icon Lesson Planner: Organize, Stylize, Simplify


Organize, stylize, simplify.

What?! Whoever or whatever can promise to deliver that - we're in! Well, this time it's us! Yup, we created the Icon Lesson Planner to organize our life at school and out of school. All in one place - that's key for us. One lesson planner to hold all the info we need. And, to do it with a fresh, open style that makes using it fun!

Did we just say fun? Yeah, pretty much! The kind of fun we remember when we think back on opening a brand new box of 64 crayons. Think of the colors. Think of that waxy, crayon smell - it's the picture of possibilities! So, for us, it's kind of a grown-up version of the same moment. The Icon Lesson Planner has so many different options - we print what makes sense for us. Then, since it's editable, we can label sections so that they truly work for us. For fun, we add editable stickers - cute little discs we print, cut and add all over.

Day to day this little book organizes what we need and makes it easy to find, voila! So fast! It's got:

  • 52 weeks of lesson and life planning

    Each week has so much more than Monday thru Friday boxes. It's also got a mini-section, chunked out in the days of the week and ready to organize the 'me' part of our lives. Anna uses it to schedule out yoga and other workouts. Marti uses it to plan meals and shopping trips (so she doesn't get accused of making soup AGAIN! quite as often anyhow). We've both edited that section so it makes sense for us.

  • It's also got coloring pages!

    Well, not exactly - and maybe we should include some since they're great stress relievers! Coloring in the mini drinks helps us keep track of the water we're drinking each day. Feels good to see that we're doing something healthy for ourselves. And the mini drinks keep changing. One month - mugs topped with whip cream (we picture a little Bailey's added :)) Another month it's fitness bottles then later foofy, fruity drinks. Always something new!

  • And fitness icons to color in to remind and reward us for fitting in workouts.

  • Oops! Almost forgot the daily boxes for organizing lessons! Each section is editable - we just type in the headings and fillers we want so that when we're ready to use it, it makes sense for us. Since a lot of each day is the same thing, we've stopped writing it down and keyed it into the template. It's a huge time saver!

  • Year at a glance spreads

    We use them for curriculum mapping and remembering important dates. Being able to see the year at a glance helps us wrap our minds around the big picture. Yup, it can be a little (a lot!) overwhelming at times but mostly it's comforting to see all the steps and remember where we're at in the process. Help remembering important dates, meetings, deadlines helps us minimize those oh-no! moments which we HATE! Whew! Breathe! By writing them all down we stay connected to them and anticipate what we need to do.

  • Planning and reflection pages

    Ah, yes, the reflection pages. We add on several to keep track of our ideas - kind of a brain dump we can use to write down a fleeting idea that feels like a game-changer, then, later, check back to when we have time to think it through.

  • Grids for organizing seating arrangements - yes, you can keep all that info here too and remember which combos of darlings sitting next to each other works and which neighbors are just too chatty

  • Stickers!

    9 pages of stickers make organization and reminders easy. Kind of like having a grown-up sticker book - who doesn't love that?!

  • Pages for listing log-ins and the resources we depend on. Simple enough but makes a big difference knowing that all that log-in info is quick to access.

Here's how it works:

1: choose binder system - Disc bound system, ProClick, professionally bound at an office supply store, 3-ring binder

2: choose the cover design for you. We think covers should inspire the important work we all do!

3: choose and customize your editable lesson planner pages

4: print the pages we want to create OUR lesson planner

5: bind the planner. Print and add stickers for fun and organization.

6: We're organized. We're ready.

Organize, stylize, simplify. We love Marie Kondo's tidying philosophy of keeping only those things we love. We're still a work in progress... :) We created the Icon Lesson Planner to organize and simplify our teaching and personal lives using a visual space filled with fonts, spaces, and icons that inspire us. We're giving back by refreshing this digital product so that buyers will always have the latest version - a new version every year at no extra cost. Yay! Feels good!

Check out a preview of the lesson planner. Organization? Room to breathe? We've got this! You've got this too! 

***Please note that this product does require PowerPoint. To edit the files, you should use PowerPoint (newer than 2003). You can use Keynote to edit the lesson planner but the formatting will be a bit off and may require a few slight adjustments. If you are trying to use a different program, you may run into various formatting issues that we won’t be able to help you with. Online versions of PowerPoint such as Google Slides do not have the same capabilities as the full version of PowerPoint. If you don’t have access to PowerPoint at home, check with your school.