Infused Water: Soothing, Cleansing, Healing


Need a little spa-like pick-me-up? Go for infused water and know that your choice is cleansing, soothing and healing. Better than guilt free! It can help you stay healthy and even lose weight.

Why infused water?

Hydration... yes, yes. But more than that! Infusing water with cucumber slices, a little lemon or a combo of citrus fruits can give you extra taste and benefits. Here's the scoop on different options:

  • Lemon

    Where to start? The obvious is that lemons are a great source of vitamin C which helps boost immune systems. It's also a great source of citric acid. Without giving our spin on a science lesson we're in no way ready to give... it helps your body maintain its optimal pH. Keeping body pH within the optimal range helps prevent fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, cancer and more. Pretty fascinating and powerful!

  • Cucumber

    No wonder cucumber water conjures up a spa day. It adds its own contributions to the hydrating effects on the skin. Think vitamin B-5 also known as pantothenic acid and known for boosting metabolism. Also known as an anti-stress vitamin - hello!?! We don't know of proof for that claim but it's worth a try!

  • Mint with watermelon

    Anna fell in love with this combo, always out in the lobby of the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. Mint is a natural breath freshener, is high in antioxidants and is calming for upset stomachs.

Making infused water:

  • No matter what flavor you're making, let it steep for a while (maybe an hour) before drinking and drink within a day or so.

  • Lemon

    Wash and slice a lemon, adding a few slices to your water. For more lemon taste and benefits, squeeze the lemon before adding it to the water.

  • Cucumber

    There are no definite must-dos but here's what we suggest. Peel strips off the outside then slice into rings. We scoop out the seeds although they're edible so no worries if you don't. Tip - Cucumber slices float so if you want to keep them submerged for more flavor, layer some ice cubes on top.

  • Mint

    Wash it well, crush or muddle some of it to add more flavor.

  • We love the water bottles with the infuser built in. You can get individual sports bottles or get a bigger bottle and infuse water to share.

Got favorite combos of fruit you use to make infused water? Please share. Ah! Relax and drink up.