Math Warm Ups: Quick, Fun & Focused


Looking for quick, focused math practice for kids to maintain basic skills? You know how the saying goes... necessity is the mother of invention. That's how Math Warm Ups began. Humble beginnings born out of a need for kids to practice basic math skills. Nothing new here but we designed them to be quick, focused math practice that gives kids daily practice to maintain skills and have time to learn new ones.

Here's the short and sweet story of Math Warm Ups.

Math Warm Ups are:

  • quick practice with 3 skills targeted each day

  • differentiated in 2 levels to better meet students' needs

  • fun - seasonal or themed - think Space Wars

Lower level Math Warm Ups target these skills:

  • single digit addition and subtraction in vertical and horizontal formats

  • counting up and down by increments of one

  • telling time to the half-hour accuracy

  • counting groups of same coins

  • measuring length to the inch accuracy

Higher Level Math Warm Ups target these skills:

  • 2-digit addition and subtraction in vertical format, some requiring regrouping

  • 2- and 3- digit addition and subtraction in horizontal format

  • counting up and down by increments of five and ten; also counting down by ones

  • telling time to the five-minute accuracy

  • counting groups of mixed value coins

  • measuring length to the half-inch accuracy

We created Math Warm Ups to be fun, focused and fast practice.

Funny thing though, we didn't start out to create them at all! Marti was looking for daily math practice for her kiddos to help them maintain basic calculation, counting, money, time and measurement skills. Simple enough task and so many choices but all of them looked too long for her kiddos to complete without taking up most of their math block. Her kiddos need focused practice they can complete in a short time so they have most of the time to learn new skills. So after searching and searching some more, she and Anna worked together to make their own.

Because Marti's kids often have trouble generalizing skills, she designed calculation problems in both vertical and horizontal formats and she shows the fronts and backs of each type of coin for kids to practice their money skills. She'll be the first to say that working with real coins is the best so she keeps a stash of coins which kids pull from to match their problems on paper then, use to count. And, best of all, she's noticed that her kids are more consistently accurate reading operation signs correctly, adding, subtracting, skip counting, telling time, counting money and measuring! Wow! That's a mouthful and a good feeling that most of them can do the math in 5 - 7 minutes then focus on learning new concepts. Lately, it's been geometry - we are experts on 3-d shapes!

Universal Design built into Math Warm Ups:

  • They have maximized white space to give struggling writers more space to write

  • They increase student independence with a field of three answer options when telling time to the hour and counting coins in the lower level set

 We created Math Warm Ups to give our kiddos quick practice with essential skills in a format that maximizes their independence. Please check out the Math Warm Ups preview on our TPT store to see for yourself. We hope it can help your kiddos too!