Namaste: Yoga in and out of the Classroom


So I'm fessing up to my double yoga life. Yoga with my class of seriously boisterous second graders. And yoga in the calm of my own space. Funny thing now that I think about it - it's pretty chill both places. My kiddos relax and destress as we all move and stretch. It's really a glorious thing!

Building quiet minds. One yoga session at a time. Namaste!

Yoga In the Classroom

Yoga is a great way to exercise and relieve stress. It's not competitive so it gives kids another healthy way to belong to their classroom community. Yoga slows down even the most bubbly, bouncy, fiest machines in my class. Concentrating on their breathing makes them focus, decompress and leaves them in a quiet place. What?! Okay, a girl's got to dream a little! But seriously, yoga calms the beasties in us so we're all in! The kids don't need any convincing - Star Wars workouts help them feel strong, confident and more focused. Cosmic Kids Yoga, on YouTube, creates yoga videos that are usually told through a story. Bloody Hell! There's even Harry Potter!

Yoga Outside of the Classroom

For me, outside of the classroom, it's Asana Rebel!

I love the face paced workouts. And each day there's a different workout for free! So easy for me - it's the yoga of the day, already chosen so one less decision. Win! Win! Have to confess though - I got hooked and opted for the paid version for $39.99 a year. Also available for $9.99 a month but the year was too good a deal to pass up. Especially when the Happiness Flow workout promises to help me find clarity, focus and inner peace. I'm still working on it!! In the meantime, I'm still often opting for "Today's Workout". It's just 10 or 15 minutes - burns lots of calories and is over almost as soon as my ADD-addled mind starts wondering. The perfect way to de-stress, let go of the day and calm. Bliss!

Got yoga tips? Please share! We're up for new ideas!