Recess Game Centers Organized - ta da!


Want to get recess game centers organized so that they're quick to get out, put away and don't take up much space? Read on!

A clear suitcase with small containers inside

That's pretty much it! Sound simple? Yup, it is. And since simplicity feels like sustainability to us, we're up for it. Especially since it also gives us peace of mind that it's easily picked up and doesn't add clutter.

A dozen games ready to go and easily stored

Anna keeps a collection of math games, each in its own container. Think sandwich sized containers, just shaped slightly differently and see through so they're quick to find. The containers fit into slots in the "suitcase" so they line up in two rows. Knowing that we have a lot in common with Tacky, the goofy one in a world of penguin perfection, we love that with this one small chunk of our classroom lives, we have mastered Neatly and Perfect. 12 games, neatly line up. Okay, so we're going a little (a lot) overboard with this but organization, especially when it's so simple and straightforward, feels good!

Recess game centers organized and ready to go with colorful, strategizing fun

Check out the games! We love...

  • We love Sushi Go - it's a fast-paced, fun game that has players thinking strategically as they determine the probability they can get card combos that score the most points. Takes about 15 minutes to play so it's perfect for indoor recess. Two to five kids can play this game so it's a great option for a small group. Sushi seems to be an adventure in itself when we hear our kiddos talk and when you add that intriguing topic to the super cute sushi characters, we fell in love with it too.

  • Collecting Dweebies - Fix-it Dweebie, Dr. Dweebie, Super Dweebie and their buds are dressed to show their passion but they're can be hard to catch. Kids place them down in a grid of rows and capture them by bookending two of the same Dweebie and scooping up all the Dweebies in between. Strategy comes into play when kids take into account the dots on the corner of each card which tell how many of that Dweebie there are in the deck. Two to six kids can play and games last about 15 minutes. Collecting toothy, blobby Dweebies makes a great recess break!

  • Slapping together a Slamwich - be ready to recognize patterns and to slap a growing stack of Slamwich cards if two identical cards end up together, or if you spot a thief on your bread. Muncher cards make it even trickier! Two to six kids can play and games last about 20 minutes so it's another great recess option.

Informational presentation starring... your kids!

Kids become experts at these games quickly and who doesn't love sharing their expertise? They can help each other by making how-to-play videos.  Then, add a QR code inside the game to share the info. Great way to sneak in some meaningful ELA work and for kids to take ownership of their classroom community. Whether you fit into the Tacky or Neatly-Perfect camp when it comes to organization, this is one small area neatly and easily mastered. Having recess game centers organized and ready to set up then clean up after play can be a bright spot in a dreary indoor recess day. Have ideas to share? Please do! Together, we've got this!