Sunday Scoop 1.3.16

It's Sunday again, time for another Sunday Scoop!

Sunday Scoop 1.3.16

Have to do:

  1. After two weeks, my school things have become scattered around the house. Time to go on a treasure hunt to find them and place them all safely in my bag for tomorrow.

  2. I have been slowly going to bed later and later and consequently getting up later and later. Since I highly doubt that my principal would approve of me rolling into school around about 11:30 A.M. tomorrow, I think I had better head to bed a lot earlier tonight. Hopefully I can sleep!

  3. Still working my way through Marie Kondo's tidying process. If you haven't read her book before, I highly recommend it! I am so excited I just found out that she has another book coming out in two days! Can't wait to read it!

Hope to do:

  1. See Have to do #2. :)

  2. Trying to work ahead so that I post a bit more regularly!

Happy to do:

Research and plan for a trip this summer! Top Secret for the time being...check back later for more information! :)