Inspire yourself! Teach sustainably. Live well!


How'd my day go? Well... Emmaline glued up her iPad, Ben dismantled my chair (while I was sitting on it!), PARCC starts next week and there's a rubric giving all the finer points on rigor sitting on the pile on my desk! Help! How can we turn this crazy schedule into something we can do, do it well and have time for us? Yup, that's what we've been kicking around because sometimes at the end of the day we've felt kicked around. So we're going to do this! We're going to turn it around and regain some of the energy we've lost in to do lists with teacher tasks that seem endless.

Sustainable is a word we've heard connected to farming and food. We think it works for teaching too. Some articles about sustainability use the verbs save and protect to call to action. We're there! We're looking for ways to save and protect our teacher friends - and ourselves! According to NPR, 8% of teachers leave teaching every year and less than a third of them are retiring. It's a real problem! So, because it's a matter of keeping our sanity or finding it again, we're going to slice it, dice it and turn it inside out to find ways to make work easier. Ways that include using technology to help us organize the mountain of work that keeps us up at night. Ways that streamline procedures. And ways to relax and feel healthy. Yup, that can include wine! Most definitely!

We know that when we're looking for help, we want strategies we can put into practice. We want a plan that works! So we're searching, researching and trying ways to make this work! And we promise to share all the ideas that make a difference for us. And, we'd love your thoughts on any you've tried. Together, we can do this!