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How to Organize Your Digital Teaching Resources for You and Your Team on Trello

Are you struggling with how to organize all of your digital teaching resources? Check out how we organize our curriculum using Trello, a free online list-making application that not only made it easy to store the digital resources that we have come to love in one place, but also a quick and easy place to organize the team's notes on specific lessons.

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How Should You Organize Your Teaching Resources?

The question of should we save our resources digitally, physically, or both??? Well, it really depends on what you're comfortable with and how you work. Do you like to plan all of your lessons at your desk or teacher table? Then, the choice between digital or physical may not make much of a difference. But maybe you like to plan from home, or on the road, or sitting in your overstuffed read aloud chair, then digital may be just a bit easier. Maybe you like to have digital and physical copies of your resources because you never know where or how you will want to plan this week. We've started a pro's and con's list to help you out!

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Google Keep: Great for taking student notes

Everything you need in one place? Too good to be true? Nah! It's Google Keep and a great way to organize all that info so it's ready when you need it. Ready for parent-teacher conferences. Check! Ready for report card comments. Check again! You can keep students' MAP or other assessment scores and academic or behavioral notes in Google Keep. Then, whether you need to refer to info for a team meeting or before contacting a parent, it's easily accessible.

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