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Math Review: How to Keep Math Concepts Fresh All Year Long

Keeping math concepts fresh all year long can be a tricky thing. Unlike reading where you often spend a lot of the year working on the same skills, math has a plethora of different skills that need to be taught each year and they don’t always seem to be related. One of the best ways to help your students hold onto those math concepts you have already taught is to review them constantly. This can be done in many different ways!

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Khan Academy: Differentiated Math Instruction

What can differentiated math instruction look like? On most days in Anna's classroom, it includes students working on their 1:1s on Khan Academy. Khan Academy is easy to implement with either a more controlled and focused approach or a general foundational approach. Both are differentiated - yay! Both are sustainable - yay, yay! That extra yay! is us celebrating as we work to build our own sustainable teaching practices.

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Math Warm Ups: Quick, Fun & Focused

Looking for quick, focused math practice for kids to maintain basic skills? You know how the saying goes... necessity is the mother of invention. That's how Math Warm Ups began. Humble beginnings born out of a need for kids to practice basic math skills. Nothing new here but we designed them to be quick, focused math practice that gives kids daily practice to maintain skills and have time to learn new ones.

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