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How to Spring Back to School

We know what you're thinking - that summer break hasn't even started so how in the world can it already be time to get ready to go back? We hear you! You're already crazed what with end of the year exams coming up and trying to refresh your students' memories of all of the things they've learned this year. Trying to wrap up all of the projects before the last day, and your students are starting to realize that summer is getting closer. And trying to deal with the ensuing sugar-high that they seem to get when they figure that out.

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Spring clean the classroom library

Are the books in your classroom library sitting hodge-podge, willy-nilly, in absolutely random order? Stop! Don't even think of straightening. Let your students take on the task of reorganizing the classroom library. They can take leopards out of the history bin and put them where they belong with the animals because, thankfully, they are still around. It's time to spring clean the classroom library. Yes, all those hastily, shelved books need to be straightened and set back with their kind.

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Spring break!

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is our hands down, comfortable, can't-wait-to-get-back-to fav for spring break! We love the white sand beaches! The sand is powdery and you can walk for hours or just find a spot away from crowds, stretch out and soak up the sun, salty breezes and listen to the waves roll in. Mmmmm! We love it! We love looking up to see pelicans flying along the shore. They're stealth and seem to glide since many times we don't catch them flapping their wings. Some of our local favs are:

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