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First Day of School Mindfulness Activities

The first day of school is often filled with so many emotions for teachers and for students! Incorporating mindfulness activities into your lesson plans for the first day is a fantastic way to help your students begin to manage and process those emotions. Here are a few fantastic first day of school mindfulness activities that you and your students will absolutely love!

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Stress in the Classroom

Did you know that stress may be contagious? According to a study conducted at the University of Calgary and published in the journal, Nature Neuroscience, stress can be transmitted. The study exposed one mouse to stress while exposing another to a relaxed environment. The researchers found that the relaxed mouse became stressed when the two were reunited.

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Mindful Winter Break: How to Help Your Students Survive Winter Break

We can't wait for Winter Break! But unfortunately, that isn't always the case for some of our little ones. Their Winter Breaks are filled with unstructured, lonely, and sometimes frightening times. Not all our students are blessed with loving, stable, home lives. Some of our students dread weekends and school breaks. Here are a few ways that you can help your students over break when you can't be with them.

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