10 Must Have Travel Accessories


Our family LOVES to travel! We usually go on a couple of trips a year. As long as none of us were stuck staying around due to sports, we would always go down to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for Spring Break. It's our home away from home. We have been going for so long that we know our favorite restaurants and their menus and have found our preferred lodging - you know that sweet spot where cost, proximity to the beach, and distance away from ginormous hotels is just right! We also like to take another trip during the summer to a different location. Sometimes this trip is just a long weekend exploring the Midwest other times it's a multi-week adventure abroad. The more we travel both around the United States and abroad the more tools we find that we really love and that help to make our traveling lives so much easier!

These travel tips and tricks are amazing! I am going to be so organized on my next vacation/flight with these travel accessories!

Here are a few of the travel accessories that we just can't travel without:

1. Extension cord or USB charging station with a long cord

We used to travel with an extension cord because those hotel outlets never seem to be where you need them (aka BY THE BED!) but now we use a USB charging station with a long cord because it really cuts down on space when you're packing about a million different devices that need to be charged nightly by USB. Check out the extension cord and USB charging station that we use:

2. Ziploc Baggies

These things are so useful for so many different things! They're great for when you decide to buy a bag of chips and don't want to eat them all at once - you can just roll me out of the car now. Or want to share them with multiple people who either have trouble sharing (or if you're like our family, keep count of every single thing to make sure we're all even steven) or aren't sitting close enough to be able to easily reach a central bag (like when the airline has split up our group into multiple rows). They also work great as a last minute trash bag - we especially like using these as trash bags on planes because space is so limited and you don't want your garbage taking over your tiny postage stamp. Bonus, you can avoid those incredulous looks from the flight attendants when you go to hand them garbage that didn't come from them! You can just zip it up, toss it back in your bag, and dispose of it once you've gotten off the plane. Ziploc bags can also be used to organize, keep those sandy shells away from the rest of your clean luggage, and as an emergency liquids bag for flying in case something happened to yours or you hadn't expected to want to carry liquids on your flight but changed your mind for your return flight - hey, it happens.

3. Wipes

You never know when you will need to clean your hands, seat, table... These handy little wipes can help you clean your hands before you eat when you don't have a bathroom (or a bathroom with soap) handy. They're also great for getting rid of that nasty gasoline smell and all of the millions of germs you just picked up while gassing up the car. We also use them when we're flying to wipe down the seat, headrest, armrests, and most importantly the trays (those things are truly nasty. We can't tell you how many times we've had our wipes come away pretty darn near black when we've finished wiping down those airplane trays. Sadly, we can't think of a single time when they have come away clean. **Shudder!**) Because they're individually packaged, they're extremely travel-friendly, fitting easily into your carry-on bag, purse, center console of your car, lunch box, back pocket, the list goes on...

4. Truffle Bags

They're beautiful! And they keep everything so organized! We bought several before our trip to Scotland last summer to help organize our camera gear as well as snacks and things on the flight. They were wonderful! We filled one of the Clarity Clutch Mini bags with our extra camera batteries, memory cards, emergency lens cleaning supplies, and rain gear for our camera. It worked out perfectly, keeping everything inside of the backpack organized and easy to find. They work really well for organizing what you will need easy access to in your seat when you're flying because it practically requires a gymnast to reach anything in your bag under the seat when the flight is full (are there any airplanes still flying with an open seat? The last flight we took, I swear they were trying to squeeze four people into our three seat section). They're also really handy around the house! We like to use the Clarity Tech Clutch to store our hand lettering supplies - notebook, pens, pencil, and erasers.

5. Noise Canceling Headphones or Earbuds

We NEVER fly without them! They make such a huge difference in ear pressure and just make flights less exhausting. We really love using noise canceling earbuds because they take up almost no space which is so important when you're trying your best to travel light but almost impossible when you need all of your gadgets.🙂 They can also be a lifesaver when you're trying to sleep and your neighbor in the hotel room next door is having what you can only assume is a rave next door! Now you hear them, now you don't! ZZZZ... Check out our latest favorite:

6. Carabineers

These can be incredibly useful tools especially when you are traveling with a backpack. We have used them to hold the key to the lock that keeps someone from easily sneaking a hand into our backpacks when we are in a crowd (mostly used in crowded cities and around Europe), to hold our water bottles on the outside of our bags, to hand our coats from, and so much more! They're easy to use, reliable, and don't take up much space.

7. Adapters

These are only needed when traveling abroad and the type that you get depends on your destination and how your trip is organized. When we have been traveling to multiple locations with varying types of outlets, we like to use a universal adapter but when we are traveling to either one location or multiple locations that all use the same type of outlet, we prefer using a smaller singular adapter. Check out the adapters that we love and trust with our devices (remember these are just adapters meaning they change the shape of the plug they are not converters and do not change the voltage. So, always make sure you check your devices and cords before using them abroad so you don't either fry your device/charger or blow a fuse - Anna may have accidentally done that before 🙂 ):

8. Travel Pocket Picnic/Beach Blanket

It's surprising how often one of these tiny blankets can come in handy! We originally purchased them for using when we take photos - Anna likes to lay down when taking a picture to get a different angle and there are just some places where you really don't want to lay on the ground. This blanket fixes that! They have also come in handy when we decide to have an impromptu picnic while traveling or decide we want to just sit on the beach for a bit without getting sand all over. They're lightweight, water repellent, and fold up into almost nothing.

9. Travel Makeup Mirror

Having a lighted makeup mirror can be a huge help when you don't know what sort of lighting or mirrors you might have at your lodging or when you're traveling with others. We like using the Terresa LED Lighted Makeup Mirror because it folds down pretty small while being large enough for you to see your whole face. It can make getting 5 people up and out of the hotel room by 8:00 am so much easier.

10. Extra Travel Bags

Having other bag options can help make your travel life easier and more comfortable! We like to pack a foldable bag just in case we end up purchasing a ton of souvenirs, for a comfortable shopping bag, or just to make it easier for day trips. Here are a few packable bags we love:

What have you found to make a huge difference for you when you're traveling? We're always looking for new travel tips and tricks so lay them on us! Have a fabulous Spring Break!

These travel tips and tricks are amazing! I am going to be so organized on my next vacation/flight with these travel accessories!
These travel tips and tricks are amazing! I am going to be so organized on my next vacation/flight with these travel accessories!
These travel tips and tricks are amazing! I am going to be so organized on my next vacation/flight with these travel accessories!
These travel tips and tricks are amazing! I am going to be so organized on my next vacation/flight with these travel accessories!