Trick or Treat Blog Hop


Trick or treat! Happy Almost Halloween! In honor of one of my most favorite holidays, we are participating in a blog hop. Each blog that you visit will treat you to a trick of the trade (or two!), a limited-time freebie treat, and the chance to win another great product for free! So enjoy this post and then hop off to the next one using the button down below!

I'm always looking for ways to make my new classroom cute, organized, and easy to manage, So... when I found my inspiration sitting on the curb, I did it! Yup, pulled over and garbage picked two dining room chairs. Besides the big rips on the seats they were in great shape and ready for a new life. 

So I hunted the internet for just the right fabrics and found.... many, many choices. Gobs in fact. I started with a bold aqua and white pattern for the pair, searched the internet again for instructions on how to make a slipcover and sewed one for each chair. The chairs became a favorite reading spot for the kids in my room. What I loved though was watching their faces when we celebrated our first class birthday. Who can resist making birthdays special? Inspired by the fabrics, the relatively quick sewing project and the ease with which I can change slipcovers, I made a slipcover covered with birthday cakes and confetti. Each child gets the birthday chair on the day we celebrate his or her special day. They love it!

And so in anticipation of my favorite holiday, well one of them...!, I made slipcovers with a Halloween flair. One is orange with Angry Birds dressed up as witches. The other has a black background with lots of tiny white ghosts. The kids were convinced the ghosts would glow-in-the-dark and were determined to find out for sure. I love the splash of color they give the room and the sparkle that a fun change brings. One more simple way to keep the learning environment ever changing, fun and alive! Can't wait for December holidays... stay tuned!

Trick or treat! Smell my feet...on second thought, I just got off of another long day at school wearing my adorable but not so breathable ballerina flats so better not. But I'd be happy to give you a treat! Just in time for Halloween.... "

Halloween: Who, What, Where, When??

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