Twitter in your classroom


Using Twitter in your classroom is an easy way to invite parents into the classroom. It works for parents with hectic schedules and it works for teachers by not adding the distractions of additional people.

Tips for using Twitter in your classroom:

  • Candid shots that show what kids are doing as they learn are great!

  • Post a comment along with a picture when your group attends an assembly. Not only does it connect parents to their kid's day, but it also gives them a talking point, complete with a visual, for reviewing everyone's day at home.

  • Your Twitter feed can be by invitation only so it's pretty secure. To make it even more so, show backs of kids' heads so you're not showing any identifiable features. And, of course, no kids' names.

Twitter in your classroom can...

  • help parents remind their kids of important upcoming events or tests.

    • Had kids stressed that they forgot their disposable sack lunches for the field trip? Or stressed parents who are making last-minute deliveries? Twitter is one more way to send a reminder.

    • Got a big project coming up? In Marti's school, it might be the 4th-grade state report project. Tweeting a few countdown reminders can help ensure that it doesn't become a stay-up-late-the-night-before project.

    • Challenge students to share their learning with their parents. Tweeting a classroom discussion question or even a short math task can work like an invite that encourages parents to continue the learning discussion at home.

    • Let a sick kiddo feel part of the group (a little bit anyhow). Tweet some of the exciting moments of a field trip to help him feel included. Might even be the bus ride!

Here's how to get started to have Twitter in your classroom:

Go to

Need a little help signing up? Check out this video. How do you use Twitter in your classroom? What other ways do you keep in touch with your parents? Please share your thoughts.