Wonderopolis: Got questions? Bring em on!


Wonderopolis is a site we discovered and have to share! Why? Because it's got the answers to all our questions - even the ones we didn't know we had!

Wonderopolis is Kid-Driven

No wonder our kiddos love it! Each day features a new question and the questions are all coming from kids who are checking in often to discover what curiosity other kids have wondered about. And, to get the answers too! We recently checked out Wonderopolis to find out where leather backed sea turtles live. We were really hooked when we discovered a link included in the copy that took us to a conservancy where we were amazed to find the treks of several turtles tracked via satellites. The distance was amazing! Our theory on Wonderopolis is that we will be enthralled with a new discovery each time we visit.

Summer Camp too!

Could it get any better? Wonderopolis offers an online summer camp with projects that are STEM-focused and great for building critical thinking skills in fun ways. Checking out past summer camps got us excited to sign up for camp this summer. This summer promises construction and engineering focused on a variety of topics from submarines to skyscrapers. All we need is a hard hat! We're there.

Last year's summer camp was focused on fitness. One activity taught campers how to take their pulse. It also included a maker activity that had campers use a straw, a plastic bottle, two balloons, and a few other common supplies to make something that replicates lungs breathing. It follows up the instructions with a direction and a question, then an explanation. And for those budding scientists who still want more info, a link to find more.

Could this get any better? Yes, it's free which means access for anyone who can get time on a computer. That makes it a great resource for teachers and parents as well as kids. Have you checked out Wonderopolis? If you have, please share your thoughts! If you haven't, do! We think you'll love it!