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Isn’t it wonderful how much help you get running your classroom and juggling it all? We bet you thank your lucky stars every day for that 24-7 personal assistant that your school district provides you! We know we do! It is just amazing how much they are able to take off of our plates so that we can focus on doing the important things like teaching, spending time with our families, and watching Netflix, of course!
Not sounding familiar? Wait, your district doesn’t do that? Hmmm…. wait… now that we think about it, we don’t have that either! Must have been a dream we were having. Man… now that we know we don’t have that what we have to do everyday sounds, well, overwhelming! But don’t you worry your pretty little head about it, we’ve got a nifty little program that will help you out. If This Then That (IFTTT) is an amazing site that can act as your personal assistant helping you complete both little and big tasks. Here is a list of just a few of our favorite ways that IFTTT can help!

These tips are amazing! Can't wait to start using IFTTT in my classroom and at home!

IFTTT can help you…

Never forget another birthday of a student, coworker, family member, or friend again!

Get notifications for birthdays in your calendar! You can even have it remind you when it’s your mail carrier’s birthday and be the best neighbor on your block [we know, we know, it’s not a competition… but it sort of is :)]! Click here to learn more!

Get healthier!

IFTTT can help send you reminders to drink more water. A common problem for teachers… and, you know, humans! Click here to learn more!

Get dressed for the day!

Okay, so it can’t actually pick out the perfect IG worthy outfit or dress you but it can check tomorrow’s weather and let you know every day at 6 PM so you’ll always be in the know! And that’s kind of the same thing, right? Click here to learn more!

Back up your photos!

How many times have you freaked out thinking that your phone has just died or may not survive its latest kamikaze jump off the table? It’s happened to us on more than one occasion. IFTTT can help back up your photos from your cellphone automatically to either Dropbox or Google Drive so that you never have to worry about losing any of those precious memories! Click here to learn more about backing up to Dropbox if you have an iPhone or here if you have an Android! Click here to learn more about backing up your photos to Google Drive if you have an iPhone or here if you have an Android!

Move your school pics from your cell phone to a specific folder online!

IFTTT can use your location when you took the photo to determine if it is a school photo and save it to a pre-specified folder in Google Drive all without you having to lift a finger… you know after you use all of your digits to get it set up in the first place :). Note: you may have an issue with these ITTT’s working correctly if you happen to live really close to your school and take pictures at home too. Click here or here to learn more!

Keep an eye on a certain app and let you know when it drops in price!

You can tell IFTTT to email you when the app you would love to use in your classroom drops in price. Click here to learn more!

These tips are amazing! Can't wait to start using IFTTT in my classroom and at home!

Text to remind you of that meeting or afterschool duty you always forget:

With all of the other things you need to keep track of during a day, we’re betting you could use a little extra help remembering those meetings or duties that only happen once in a blue moon. Click here to learn more!

Text you when a form is submitted!

Google Forms are amazing and can be used for so many different things! Parent volunteer sign-ups. Student sign-up for writing conferences. And so much more! Now, you don’t have to keep checking back constantly to see if you’ve gotten another response, your IFTTT assistant is on the job! Click here to learn more!

Adjust your cell phone’s ringer volume when you’re at work!

You can set IFTTT up to automatically mute your Android ringtone when you get to school and un-mute it when you get home. Click here and here to learn more!
You can also have your phone text your husband or kids when you leave work – or better yet you can set your kid’s phone up to text you when they leave school and are on their way home! Click here to learn more!
You can even set it up to turn your volume up when you lose your phone. Click here to learn more!

Close and open your garage door!

IFTTT can control your garage door for you so that you never have to wonder if you remembered to close it when you’re just about to school! Or on vacation! Click here and here to learn more!

Remind you of what’s on your To Do list!

You can schedule IFTTT to show you your To Do list when you leave your house, helping make sure that you look at it at least once every day. Click here to learn more!

Remind you what you need to buy at the store!

IFTTT will help remind you what you need to purchase when you arrive at store X. No more wondering… hmmm, I know there is something that I needed from here. IFTTT will use the GPS on your phone to know when you’ve arrived at store X and pull up your list for you. Pretty crazy, right!?! Click here to learn more! 
Want to know what’s even crazier??? IFTTT can also text your husband, kids, parents, whoever you choose to see if they need something at that store too when you arrive! Hearing “Oh I wish I had known you were going to X, I really need …” when you get home later. Now it’s on them to let you know if they need something. Ah, one less thing to have to tackle! Click here to learn more!
Here’s to the best personal assistant (no)money can buy you! IFTTT has so many amazing features it was really hard to stop. So, check them out and see how they can help to simplify your life both in and out of the classroom! Cheers!
These tips are amazing! Can't wait to start using IFTTT in my classroom and at home!
These tips are amazing! Can't wait to start using IFTTT in my classroom and at home!


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For some of our students, Winter Break means an almost never-ending slew of activities. But for others, Winter Break means a lot of time on their own entertaining themselves. Winter Break Student Challenges can be a great way to help keep those students engaged over break! Winter Break Student Challenges can range a lot in terms of what they ask the kids to do. Here are a few of the challenges we love:

Reading Challenges

Challenge your students to read a certain number of books, a variety of types of books, or a certain length of time! No matter how you measure this challenge, your students will be improving their reading skills and you will be helping to create lifelong readers! We love to showcase a few books we love before leaving for Break. Try reading a few pages from a few different types of books, some seasonal and some not, to help get your kids excited and expand their reading lists!

STEM or STEAM Challenges

Not only is STEAM important because it incorporates so many important subjects: science, technology, engineering, art, and math but it is so fun! Our students love STEM and STEAM activities! Why not involve the whole family and send these fun activities home for everyone to enjoy when they’re snowed in!

Winter Break Challenges

Can’t decide between wanting your students to focus on reading, math, science, …? There’s no reason you should need to choose! – Always good news for Anna as she is notoriously indecisive! 🙂 Winter Break Student Challenges often incorporate many different types of activities making them a great fit for so many different types of learners! Check out these Winter Break Student Challenges to find the perfect one for you and your students:


So challenge your students to keep their minds engaged! Challenge your students to keep learning over break! Challenge your students with a Winter Break Student Challenge!

A Winter Break Student Challenge can be a great way to help keep those students engaged over break! I can't wait to try one of these challenge with my kiddos this year!A Winter Break Student Challenge can be a great way to help keep those students engaged over break! I can't wait to try one of these challenge with my kiddos this year!

The holidays are so much fun but, let’s face it, they can be a bit rough on the bank account! With all of the parties, family gatherings, and good cheer to spread it can really add up. Here are a few cheap holiday student gifts that you and your kids will love!

Scholastic Books ($34 for 32 coupons)

Use Birthday Coupons to let your students choose a book for up to $5. Or, if you have a lot of Scholastic Points saved up, you can use them to purchase the books. I did this with my students last year and they loved it! The students got to look through the December catalogs to see what they would like to choose. I then placed all of the orders and the books were there for them when we returned to school. It is so fun for the kids to get to go “shopping” and for a few of them it is one of the only times that they have ever gotten to order books so it meant a lot to them!

Homework Passes

These have to be one of the easiest and cheapest gifts to give your students. They cost you almost nothing and the kids love them! Who doesn’t love a night of no homework?!?! Just print, cut, personalize and you’re ready to go! Here are a few that we love:

Activity Book or Journal & Crayons

For some of our little guys, winter break means a lot of time entertaining themselves. Why not provide them with a fun, safe activity that they will love? Winter Activity Books, like this one (free!), are great for challenging your kiddos and keeping their minds engaged! Here is another one with an emphasis on journaling ($1.50)! You can grab a bulk supply of crayons (24 packs) on Amazon for about $30! Put them together and you have a really nice gift that your kiddos and parents will love!

The best student gift ideas for the holidays! I can't wait! I love Holiday Student Gift shopping and these are so cheap!

The best student gift ideas for the holidays! I can't wait! I love Holiday Student Gift shopping and these are so cheap!

Do you remember that meeting that you went to last month? The one where they gave you that really important paper about how your evaluations would be changing this year. You put that in a safe spot that would be easy to find again, right? Of course, you did, it’s right … hang on, you know you saw it somewhere… Or how about that thought that you had about Little Billy’s reading last week. You still remember that right? I mean you really don’t have that much going on during the day or that much to keep track of. You can totally remember every little thing that goes on during a school day. No? You either?

No worries! We’ve been there! We were trying our hardest to stay organized and keep track of all of the big-little things. What was our solution? Evernote! We know, we know, you’ve heard of Evernote before. Maybe you’ve even tried it and it was fine and all but just you wait. Here are five reasons why we love Evernote for teachers who want help to stay organized, proactive, and… let’s face it… sane!

1. Moleskine Evernote Notebooks:

Did you know that Moleskine makes notebooks specifically for Evernote? These things are amazing! Not only do they have those baby-bottom-soft pages that made you fall in love with Moleskine notebooks in the first place, but these can be integrated with Evernote. That’s right, you can take your notes in this cute little notebook at your meetings and use the Evernote app to scan your notes into Evernote making them easily accessible, shareable and most importantly (at least in our opinion) searchable! You no longer need to remember exactly what meeting you took notes on A, B, or C. Now you can just search for that note in Evernote just like you would on Google and any notes you have on that topic will pop up. You can even share just the top section of the page with your team while keeping the bottom section private. How awesome is that!

We really like being able to use a notebook instead of a computer, iPad, or iPhone to take notes because sometimes you just want something that looks a little more discrete and want to look completely engaged in what is being discussed. Sometimes when we are on our computers, it can look like we are not paying attention – like we are busy checking email, grading papers, or maybe even be partaking in a little online shopping. That won’t be the case with this little notebook.

Another thing we love about these notebooks is that they come with stickers, and we’re not talking about just any stickers, they come with Smart Stickers! That’s right, these little stickers will prompt Evernote to automatically tag your notes or place them into certain folders when you scan in your notes depending on how you program them. You’re the boss! Send those notes to the notebooks (folders) you choose.

I'd used Evernote before but I had no idea it could do so much! Will definitely need to try it again! Evernote for Teachers is a must read for Teachers looking to get organized!

2. Create Student Portfolios:

Creating student e-portfolios can be especially helpful when it comes time for parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and RTI meetings. Evernote can help you keep samples of student work, behavioral and instructional notes on students, a record of parent communication, and RTI or IEP meeting notes about a particular student, all in one place. Having all of these notes in one place will help you stay organized and build a better overall picture of who your students are and where they are academically. Being able to quickly reference this information will help you to stay calm when an unexpected student concern arises.

I'd used Evernote before but I had no idea it could do so much! Will definitely need to try it again! Evernote for Teachers is a must read for Teachers looking to get organized!

3. Store PD Certificates:

As teachers, we know how many pieces of paper you are given daily! You not only need to read through them but you often need to store them for later use. With Evernote’s Scannable app (see #5), you can easily scan and store all of these important documents online. Just think, all of those professional development certificates that you get can be scanned in with just a few clicks and they will be nice and safe in your Professional Development Certificates folder on Evernote. No more praying that you never get audited because you’re sure you’ll never be able to find what you need. Evernote will keep track of them for you!

I'd used Evernote before but I had no idea it could do so much! Will definitely need to try it again! Evernote for Teachers is a must read for Teachers looking to get organized!

4. Faculty and Department Meetings:

Have you seen Evernote’s new meeting notes? They’re fantastic! We love how they are organized into sections for you. The sections include information about the meeting such as the date, time, location, participants, and description. There is also a section for you to take notes. Our favorite part is the Next Steps section where you can keep track of any follow-up tasks you may have. You can even set a reminder to remember to attend that meeting or to remind you to complete your Next Steps.

Not only can you store your notes on Evernote, but you can attach scanned copies of any and all handouts using the Scannable App (see #5) and any website links that may be shared with you. This way everything can stay together in one place making it easier to find and remember what you need when you need it! You can also share your notes with your team so that you can all stay on the same page.

I'd used Evernote before but I had no idea it could do so much! Will definitely need to try it again! Evernote for Teachers is a must read for Teachers looking to get organized!

5. Scannable App:

As we’ve mentioned a few times in this post, Evernote has a Scannable app. This app is magic! It will automatically scan, adjust the orientation, crop, and enhance the image of the page you are scanning. The app can scan multiple pages to save and upload as one document. It can save the scans as either PDF’s or images making it easy to share files and organize your information. You can even search your files if they’re saved as PDFs. As teachers, we don’t often handle business cards, but if you do need to add the information from a business card to iPhone contacts, the Scannable app can do it for you in seconds! How awesome is that!

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I'd used Evernote before but I had no idea it could do so much! Will definitely need to try it again! Evernote for Teachers is a must read for Teachers looking to get organized!

Teacher, you’re magical! You have a thousand jobs to juggle in a day and, still, you manage to create miracles and make it look easy! Even fun?! This year for Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you! For all of the hard work that you put in, the long hours and the love and care you give your students. For the positivity you put into the world. You make a difference each and every day. Thank you!

In honor of you, we are having a Teachers are Magical Giveaway! We are giving away prizes to two lucky teachers! The Grand Prize will be given to the teacher with the highest score on the leaderboard. How do you get more points? Share this amazing giveaway with all of your teacher friends, share the magic on social media, and follow us on social media. It’s so easy and it’s fun!

The Unicorn Prize will be given to a teacher selected at random but remember the more points you have the better your chances of winning are! We are so excited about these prizes and kicking ourselves for not having bought extra Corkcicles for ourselves! Mmmm. Easily up for a glass of wine but wine in a Unicorn Magic Stemless is.. magical! 🙂

So, what are the prizes?

The Grand Prize includes a Moleskine Evernote Notebook, a Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Stemless, a ten pack of Staedtler pens (Anna’s favorite pens), and a cute zipper bag to bring your pens and notebook with you to meetings!

The Unicorn Prize is, of course, a Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Stemless! So cute and, just like unicorns, getting hard to find!!!


Click here to sign up and get started! Remember, just like magic, this giveaway lasts just a short time! Be sure you enter today! Good luck teachers! You’re the best!


Teachers, check out this contest! I want that bag!!! And the Corkcicle... Magical Unicorn color... love!!! Need to enter this teacher giveaway today!

Teachers are Magical Giveaway

November 24, 2017 – December 15, 2017

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Clipart and Fonts by Seniors, Kimberly Geswein Fonts, and To and Mo  Studio

End of year countdowns begin. The countdown to summer makes us smile! The countdown to end of year testing – not so much! Use these strategies to cover it all, and keep it organized and fresh when reviewing for end of year testing.


Cover it all and keep it organized:

  • Jot down a list of the topics you want to review with your students before end of the year testing begins.
  • Keep that list in Google or somewhere else online so that you can keep adding to it each year and throughout the year
  • Be sure to include academic and content vocabulary in your review. Sometimes kids can get hung up on one word and not be able to truly show what they know.
  • Once you have your list, print it out and cross items off as you review the concept with your kiddos. We love crossing things off our “to do” lists so paper and pencil work for us. If you prefer tech, keep track of the concepts you’ve covered by highlighting them.

 The countdown to summer makes us smile! The countdown to end of year testing - not so much! Tips for reviewing for end of year testing that keep it fresh.

Keep it fresh and fun:

  • Play games! Reviewing while playing games makes the work motivating and fun. Which also increases the likelihood that the concepts will stick. Add the nicer weather into the mix when everyone gets spring fever and playing games can become a game changer for test review.
  • Quizlet or Kahoot or Quizizz all have pre-made games in several areas so hopefully, they have what your kids need. Another option is to have your kids make the games – that helps kids cement the concepts as they make the game and also as they play the game.
  • Have your kids prepare short review lessons. Let them work in small groups, keep their focus narrow and their prep time to about an hour so they stay focused. Encourage them to include short videos or make presentations to explain a concept. If they make a video, be sure to save it for next year. The younger kids will get a kick out of seeing the “big” kids’ creations. Voila – teachers in the making!
  • Sing! We love songs to learn and to review concepts. Check out the selection on The Bazillions, Numberocks, and Schoolhouse Rock.

Reviewing for end of year testing doesn’t have to be drudgery!

End of year testing may be a fact of life but it can be meaningful and fun. Got more tips to share? Please do! Together, we can do this!

Reading news makes for a great nonfiction read! It’s real stories about real people in real time. Here There Everywhere (HTE) is a great source of news for kids.


What makes HTE a source of news for kids that you can count on?

HTE presents news aimed at students in elementary and older grades. Claudia David Heitler created the site to help kids learn about people and events shaping the world and to see their own connection to it. Her experience at NBC Network News’ Today show, then reading and sharing news with her own kids, evolved into HTE as it is today. She describes news as a kind of story telling. The kids in Marti’s classroom would tell you there are some pretty amazing stories out there! This is a great source for many of them.

Ways to use HTE in your classroom as a source of news for kids

  • As self selected nonfiction reading
    We love that HTE is a site with content we can trust. That’s great because it allows us to let kids explore independently and decide what they’d like to read and learn more about.
  • As a mentor text for a nonfiction read aloud or mini-lesson
    Marti’s kids were a combination of intrigued and horrified to read that spiders make up the group eating the largest amount on the planet. This article provided a great format for using the reading strategies of asking questions and tracking their thinking as we read the article. Kids were totally into paired discussions and had plenty to share with the class. It was an enthralling read aloud – kind of like a train wreck you just can’t look away from but very motivating to discuss. It was also great for giving practice using context clues to determine the meanings of words.


HTE has news for everyone – some serious, some funny, some just bizarre – pretty much reflects our world. We’ll keep coming back to see what we can discover next. Got sources of news that work well for the kids in your class? If so, please share! Together, we can do this!


Crayons in short supply? Need more and different books for your classroom library? And feeling short on personal funds? No worries! There are organizations ready to help teachers with donated and reusable supplies. In fact, they have a two-fold mission – to supply reusable resources for classrooms and to help the earth with less stuff added to landfills. It’s a win for everyone!

Reusable resources for classrooms

We’re fortunate to have SCARCE closeby in the Chicago area to help with an amazing variety of classroom supplies. Marti’s found:

  • the ordinary – markers, rulers, scissors
  • organization – bins for books, 3-ring binders
  • the unusual – a wooden set of simple machines including a working pulley
  • amazing books – all kinds of picture books!! Love finding Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and Mouse Match by Ed Young
  • stuff she never knew she needed – elevated land forms to help kids learn what a delta, a plateau and other land forms are
  • stuff for differentiation – science books leveled for lower readers
  • math stuff – place value blocks, Tangram sets, a fraction game

Find a source close to you

The Reusable Resources Association provides contact information for sites in several states. Hopefully you’ll find one near you. All organizations are committed to reducing stuff ending up in landfills but they vary in terms of who they’re open to – some are open to public school teachers, others are open to the public at large. Please check to find the details.

Continuing the cycle

Many of these centers can work for you when you’re spring cleaning your classroom. Marti has taken 20+ boxes of books and other supplies to SCARCE. That means other teachers can find treasures for their kids and the cycle continues. It’s been so much easier for us to move things along when we know they’re going to a good home. Need help moving things along? Check out Marie Kondo’s books.

Got tips?

Got tips for finding reusable resources for classrooms? Please share – it’s great for the Earth and for keeping teachers’ costs down. Together, we can do this!

Are the books in your classroom library sitting hodge-podge, willy-nilly, in absolute random order? Stop! Don’t even think of straightening. Let your students take on the task of reorganizing the classroom library. They can take leopards out of the history bin and put them where they belong with the animals because, thankfully, they are still around. It’s time to spring clean the classroom library. Yes, all those hastily, shelved books need to be straightened and set back with their kind.

It’s a Do-Over!

Yup, you had the kids shelve the books at the beginning of the school year but, face it, things are looking raggedy. Good thing – that means it’s well used. Easy fix – means it’s time to tidy up and the kids can take charge!

Get the kids to clean the classroom library

  • Friday afternoon – perfect time to put heavy-duty academics on pause and spring clean. Especially in the middle of testing season, taking on a physical task can give everyone a welcome break. Plus, it makes for a fresh start on Monday. Umm! Organization!
  • Ownership – we’ve all heard it before. Many times. So it’s got to be true. When kids do the work organizing and cleaning, they become zealous protectors of their efforts. Protecting with vigilance and energy that lets teachers focus their energies on… so many other things!
  • It’s not you doing the work! Yahoo! In this case delegating the task is a win-win for everyone. The kids get to work together on what is essentially a community project. You get out of the task – face it, cleaning the classroom at 3:00ish on a Friday is not a good idea!

Setting aside a time to tidy helps everyone take care of and have pride in their space. We think Marie Kondo has it right when she says “tidying orders the mind”.

Got tips for tidying? Please share. Together, we can do this!