Celebrate Life – Celebrate Earth Day!

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“Little Green Books” Series
This trio of books includes Max, an environmentally irresponsible little monster who learns the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, in “I Can Save the Earth!”, as well documentaries that explain the “life” of a recycled plastic bottle and an aluminum can.
The EARTH Book by Todd Parr
In addition to giving Todd Parr’s always colorful, kid-friendly approach, this book itself lives its message as it’s created with environmentally friendly inks and printed on recycled materials. Go Todd Parr!


Short, clever and to the point – great video for kids of any age!
Click to watch the Dr Seuss’ Original Lorax animated TV special from 1972. It’s timeless!
Daunting images of people’s wasteful choices change to hopeful ones then end with a reminder to take care of our earth. 
Powerful and perfect for upper grades!

Earth Day Video for Kids

Everything living thing on earth is important, no matter how big or small. That’s the message of this video and the Little Earth Charter they ask kids to take along with them. Great for younger students.
Absolutely beautiful song and images. Sung by Nick Kello. Sorry, not able to upload an image but please click on the link above. You’ll be rewarded with a celebration of the diversity and beauty of our planet and an inspiring reminder to take care of it! Great for second grade on up.
Make Earth Day part of learning all day long

Check out these free learning activities on Teacherpayteachers:

Games 4 Learning offers two calculation games. One requires players to throw two dice then find the sum or difference of them. The other requires players roll the dice, add the numbers then double or triple the sum. 

This poster lets kids share ideas with their writing.
Players match homophone pairs and record them.
Watch the story of how Earth Day came to be.

Talking Points

Kid-friendly tips for saving energy and protecting our earth: could be used for making posters in groups then sharing in a class discussion.

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