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Crayons in short supply? Need more and different books for your classroom library? And feeling short on personal funds? No worries! There are organizations ready to help teachers with donated and reusable supplies. In fact, they have a two-fold mission – to supply reusable resources for classrooms and to help the earth with less stuff added to landfills. It’s a win for everyone!

Reusable resources for classrooms

We’re fortunate to have SCARCE closeby in the Chicago area to help with an amazing variety of classroom supplies. Marti’s found:

  • the ordinary – markers, rulers, scissors
  • organization – bins for books, 3-ring binders
  • the unusual – a wooden set of simple machines including a working pulley
  • amazing books – all kinds of picture books!! Love finding Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and Mouse Match by Ed Young
  • stuff she never knew she needed – elevated land forms to help kids learn what a delta, a plateau and other land forms are
  • stuff for differentiation – science books leveled for lower readers
  • math stuff – place value blocks, Tangram sets, a fraction game

Find a source close to you

The Reusable Resources Association provides contact information for sites in several states. Hopefully you’ll find one near you. All organizations are committed to reducing stuff ending up in landfills but they vary in terms of who they’re open to – some are open to public school teachers, others are open to the public at large. Please check to find the details.

Continuing the cycle

Many of these centers can work for you when you’re spring cleaning your classroom. Marti has taken 20+ boxes of books and other supplies to SCARCE. That means other teachers can find treasures for their kids and the cycle continues. It’s been so much easier for us to move things along when we know they’re going to a good home. Need help moving things along? Check out Marie Kondo’s books.

Got tips?

Got tips for finding reusable resources for classrooms? Please share – it’s great for the Earth and for keeping teachers’ costs down. Together, we can do this!

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