Managing emails: flag the important ones you can’t get to

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Feel like you should be checking your email during the day but don’t have time to respond with the kids in the room and worry that you’ll forget? We’ve been there! Here’s our plan to make it work:

Flag em!

  • Flag emails that need action or that need replies.
  • Those important emails that you’ll need quick access to again soon are good ones to flag too.
  • Flagging emails is just a quick way to ensure they don’t get buried. For us, that has helped avoid those woulda-coulda-shoulda moments!

Then, Unflag em!

  • We set our goal is to try and keep “flagged emails” at 0. Great goal which we somewhat do by checking, responding and unflagging them often.
  • It’s like wash, rinse, repeat – except with emails it’s respond, unflag and undo. There’ll be another email coming in shortly – never fails!

Feel like you should be checking your email but don't have time to respond and worry that you'll forget? Here's our plan for managing emails:

Delete emails? Nah!

Do you delete your emails?  We don’t so our numbers are high but really they take up very little space so we’re not worried that we’ll run out of storage space. Spending time clearing out the inbox doesn’t compete with… well, so many other daily and weekly mini-jobs that keep our classrooms and lives running. Plus, having past emails has been a bonus a few times when we’ve searched back through them and found information we needed. That wouldn’t have been possible if we’d been email neat freaks. What we are neat freaks about is keeping the flagged emails to a minimum so we know what needs attention.

Managing emails

Got tips to share on managing emails? Please share, because some days it can feel like the mountain of letters to Santa on Miracle on 34th Street – although that was a sweet moment that makes us smile every time and seeing a growing list of emails in our inbox does not!

Together, we can do this!


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