Fight colds like a ninja!

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Oh no! We are seriously living in the land of boogers and this is time of year when nasty flu viruses abound. Feel one coming on? Don’t wait for it to hit you full force. Take a deep breath and remember what your momma says. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drinking water helps your cells get all the oxygen they need to function well and fight infections. And it thins your body’s secretions and flushes out toxins so they clear out of your system faster. Kinda gross but it means feeling better, faster. And, yes, as we’re thinking out loud, we remind ourselves that hydrating and teaching don’t mix. What other professionals have to calculate when to take a pee break?


Now for the ninja part… sorry, wish there were ninjas, enough to go around and take care of so many things. There aren’t but these tried and true simple fixes will hopefully give your body the boost it needs to fight off germs.

Wash your hands!

Yup, studies show how long germs live on all kinds of surfaces so just wash them away with soap and lots of water. 20 seconds of washing is what several experts recommend. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s really like singing the happy birthday song – 2 times! So, whether you sing or not, keep lathering. When we read about our hands possibly having as many as 5,000 germs that could cause 200 different illnesses – we’re were convinced. Pass the soap, please!


Not as in fall asleep while watching a movie. Get the kind of sleep that means fluffing up your pillow, snuggling under a comforter or two and drifting off…. mmmmm. Feels good!

Grab some C!

Extra doses of vitamin C don’t seem to have the power to prevent colds but they improve immune system function and may shorten the time you’re sick. Zinc is another fighter that helps cut down the time you’re stuck with a cold. Garlic and vitamin E are two immune system boosters that can help you ward off a cold altogether. Whenever you think about taking new supplements, please always check with your doctor first. Balancing medications can be tricky and it’s important to get expert advice.

We wish there was an all-new super fixer to stomp out all those germs. We don’t have any new and amazing ideas but still, sometimes it’s good to remember lessons that follow simple truths and can make a difference. No ninjas – just momma’s advice and it works now like it always has.

Take a deep breath! Drink. Wash. Sleep. You’ll be feeling better in no time. You’ve got this!

Now for the ninja part...sorry, wish there were ninjas. There aren't but these tried and true simple fixes will hopefully give your body the boost it needs.

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