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As this is the last week of the Linky Party, we get to chose our own topics! We decided to post on our latest Pinterest inspired classroom hack. Instead of doing another frame wall, we created a Game Wall! This way our board games can help decorate our classroom, we can have easy access to them, and they take up less of that precious space in our classroom closets.


Start with some fun boardgames for your classroom. They can be educational or just plain fun! Keep the essentials and recycle the rest. The frames we used are the Nyttja 19.75″ x 19.75″ black frames from IKEA. They cost only $7.99 each! We chose them because they are light weight, have a nice design, we liked that they are square, they’re make with plastic and not glass, and they’re cheap! We chose a frame with a plastic inside and not glass just in case it gets dropped. Don’t want broken glass everywhere! We wanted the students to be able to take the games off of the wall themselves. The frames were hung with Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips. Easy to hang and won’t mess up our walls. Just place the game board inside the frame as you would a picture and attach a zippered pencil case on the back with either more Command Picture Hanging Strips or velcro, we decided to go with velcro as it is much cheaper. Place your boardgames pieces and cards inside the zippered pencil case, hang, and you’re ready to start playing! We also placed an “I Can” statement in the frame with each board game.



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