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Newsela says they’re the “best way for students to master nonfiction”. That’s a big claim but they have a lot to back up their stake.

Newsela has:

Newsela has news articles from around the globe. And, leveled so it’s easy, natural differentiation. Articles begin at a second grade level of text and can go as high as 11-12th grade.

Set up your own Newsela class to make the most of it.

When you’ve set up your own class, you can:

  • digitally assign articles and quizzes. You can even add your own instructions for kids to follow so you can keep the focus on the mini-lesson you just taught if that’s what makes sense. When we’ve been focused on being word detectives, using context clues for unknown words, Anna’s instructions have told kids to highlight words they don’t know as they read. That mirrors what she just taught so it’s great for reinforcing good reading practices.
  • share annotations with your students. Yep, you can practice what you preach – annotate, annotate, annotate!
  • group your kiddos by reading ability and track their progress.

Articles literally from A to Z

You can browse and you’ll find some interesting surprises. Or, you can narrow your search in different ways. Search by:

  • reading skill. Think text structure, main idea, word meaning, word choice, point of view and more. Need a formative assessment to see how your kiddos are doing with a specific skill? Choose an article that has a quiz with that focus.
  • content focus. Science, health, sports, the arts – there’s a long list of possibilities. Options that let you give your kiddos choice in what they read. In addition to the news section, there’s also a library which you just might get lost in.
  • reading level. Many of the articles come in four or five different levels. In Marti’s class that’s key! And no surprise since we all have kiddos reading at different levels. Newsela is one more option for assigning reading with the same look and focus but that can be at very different levels of difficulty.
  • language. There are almost 300 articles offered in Spanish.
  • format. Need a primary source? You can find over 200 here. Need an essay? Over 200 options again.

We say, check it out for yourself.

Not sure who suggested we try it but we’re glad we did. If you use Newsela in your class and have tips to share, please do! Together, we can make this sustainable!

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