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Being a classroom helper can be pretty exciting for kids but it can also be an organizational hassle for teachers. Looking for a simple fix? Try having one student helper of the day!

Student helper of the day is a simple solution that works for everyone!

Here’s what Anna noticed after she recycled her classroom helper job chart and assigned a student helper of the day:

  • Instead of a chart with several jobs listed, there’s one student who takes care of it all – paper sorter and passer, line leader… And, if there’s a unique job that day, the solution is simple – it goes to the student helper of the day!
  • Kids are happy. Yep, they were happy before too but this way they have an entire day as the helper and get to do all of the jobs. Think a full day of glory with all the extra responsibilities a student helper has in one day.
  • The student helper of the day can encourage quiet walking in the halls. Anna lets the helper choose the student who did the best job walking in the hall and that person wins a point for their table team. Love it when kids help each other follow the directions in a positive way!
  • Anna’s happier too. Yep, one less classroom management piece! Opting out of a classroom management task without sacrificing anything from anyone’s perspectives is a win for sustainability!
  • One more point for Anna: it’s so easy to make sure she’s getting around to everyone fairly.

Have you opted out of the classroom helper job chart and tried hiring a student helper of the day? Please let us know how it works in your classroom. Got other ideas for streamlining or cutting out classroom management tasks? Please share! Together, we can make this sustainable!

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