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We left for the TpT Conference last week planning to spend some time visiting Bryce Canyon National Park and The Valley of Fire before the conference began. So, I am currently writing this post while traveling 80 mph down the desert road. -My mom wants me to clarify that I am a passenger sitting in the car and not blogging while driving πŸ™‚ Safety first, folks!

So here is a quick peek at what I will be wearing to the conference this week. Huge thanks to Teach. Inspire. Change. and It’s Elementary, My Dear! for hosting this Linky Party! Sorry for not submitting a post earlier!


Travel Day

-Black Maxi Dress from Target – I love flying in a maxi skirt or dress. It’s so comfortable and kind of like wearing a blanket. It helps to keep me warm and comfortable on the flight.

Bon Voyage Black T-shirt from Kohl’s – Just thought this seemed too perfect πŸ™‚

Destination Distances Scarf from Kate Spade – I love this scarf! It is so colorful! AND Las Vegas is one of the featured destinations on it! Lol Couldn’t resist )

Black 1/4 Zip Fleece from The North Face – For when I get cold because, lets face it, it’s going to happen.


Wednesday – Meet Ups Day

Black & White Maxi Dress from Target – Cute, cool, and comfortable!

Blue & Green Necklace from J.Crew – So cute! I think I have worn this just about every day since I bought it a few weeks ago πŸ™‚

Black Sweater from Marshals – Just in case I get cold

Thursday – TpT Conference Day 1

Black Capris from Kohl’s – Look dressy but feel comfortable

Teal Sleeveless Top from Ann Taylor Loft

Blue & Green Necklace from J. Crew – Did I mention that I wear this necklace just about everyday?

White and Light Green Long Sleeve T-shirt from J.Crew – Again, just in case I get cold

Friday – TpT Conference Day 2

Black, Grey, and Pink Maxi Dress from Target

Black Top with Lace Shoulder Cutouts from ?

Blue, Pink, and Green Necklace from J. Crew – Same necklace as above but in a different color

Black Sweater from Marshals – You guessed it! Just in case I get cold πŸ™‚

Extra Vegas Outfit

Black Capris from Kohl’s

Plum Sleeveless Top from Ann Taylor Loft

Coral and Deep Pink Necklace from J. Crew – They really do have some of the best statement necklaces πŸ™‚

Black Sweater from Marshals πŸ™‚


I will also be using my small black leather crossover purse from Coach and my large black leather messenger bag from Kate Spade. I love both bags for different reasons but I did end up purchasing a different shoulder strap for the Kate Spade bag because the small strap just wasn’t very comfortable when it was filled with my laptop and all of my teaching supplies. So I ended up replacing it with a Victorinox Comfort Fit Shoulder Strap on Black from Amazon for about $30. It has made such a huge difference!

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Reply July 9, 2015

I love that scarf! Sounds like you're having a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing. :)

Bees Knees
Reply July 14, 2015

Thanks! :)

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